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Programs & Public Speaking

If you’d like to schedule a presentation for your school or organization, I’m currently speaking on the following topics:

Copenhagen - Photos: A. Petrosini

Breeding Birds of Louisiana

Many people have special encounters with birds, but how often do you get to see where they grow up? Join me for a unique opportunity to discover the answers to some questions you may never even have thought to ask! Where do baby turkey vultures hang out? How clean is a Kentucky warbler’s nest? Who would you bet on in a competitive food eating contest, the cardinal or the cuckoo? You will also have the opportunity to test your bird, and nest, ID skills in this engaging program that includes forty species you know and love in Louisiana. I present Walter Clifton’s amazing nesting bird photography and give you an inside look at life in a little-known nest. Walter and I spent many seasons nest searching and studying the breeding behavior of understory birds.

Hummingbirds of Louisiana

How many species of hummingbirds are there in Louisiana? More than you thought! I’ll wow you with the life history of our local breeder, the ruby-throated hummingbird, and then surprise you with the incredible diversity of winter hummingbirds that visit Louisiana. Featuring the wildlife photography of Walter Clifton.

Butterflies of Louisiana

Learn about the life stages, host plants, and other natural history highlights of the most common and elusive butterflies in Louisiana, featuring the wildlife photography of Walter Clifton.

Ten Years Gone: Love and Change in Honey Island Swamp

A report on the findings of our long-term study on the understory breeding bird community in the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area. I’ll explain how we capture and band birds and how birds populations have bounced back from Hurricane Katrina.

A Brief History of Bird Banding

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