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Bird Banding

Honey Island Swamp Banding Station

MAPS: Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship

“Donata established the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survival (MAPS) station in the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area in which she involves local residents and students in banding migrant and resident birds to study bird populations and habitat selection patterns of Swainson’s Warbler within the Pearl River WMA. Because this site on the Pearl River WMA was clear-cut in the 1990’s and Donata’s long-term research on breeding birds here predates Hurricane Katrina, she is studying a number of conservation issues associated with the Swainson’s Warbler and other breeding birds including the impact of intense forest management and storm disturbances on these breeding birds.”
Louisiana Ornithological Society, President’s Award

We just completed our 12th season of MAPS banding in Honey Island Swamp. To date, we have captured approximately 4,200 birds representing 42 species. If you are interested in observing and learning about bird banding around New Orleans you are encouraged to visit the Woodlands Conservancy website or contact me to visit my field station in May-August.

Selected highlights from our Honey Island Swamp – MAPS station, featuring celebrity guest Robert Ricklefs!: